Turning Your Weaknesses Into Strengths

Turning-Your-Weaknesses-Into-Strengths-Team-Rhino-Gracie-Jiu-JitsuWith any form of physical exercise, every individual is going to have their weaknesses and their strengths. It can be easy for those participating to do the opposite of what’s best for them and focus only on the things that they’re good at, rather than working toward the goal of becoming, overall, more well-rounded.

Here are a few ways you can shift your focus and work on turning your weaknesses into strengths:

Identify Your Weaknesses

When you train, what’s holding you back? Do you shy away from the cardio portion of a workout, rather than embracing it? Does a certain strike or skill make you second guess completing the class? These are the signs of our weaknesses and, unless it’s an injury holding you back, these are the things you should work on in order to begin to get better, rather than continue on your current path.

Learn From Others

After identifying your weakness, take advice from those who have been there before. For instance, if your weakness is a strike you’d like to get better at, note others in the class who are masters of that specific strike. Asking for pointers from an instructor or another class member may prove beneficial as they’re most likely to be able to give you some solid advice.

Make a Plan

Figuring out exactly how you’d like to tackle your weakness is an important step in improving. What are the best strategies to get you where you’d like to be? Taking small steps to get to the big picture is a great way to grow and learn. Using the advice you’ve gotten, there may be some good ways to get yourself in shape enough to tackle a weak spot.

Deciding to take on a weakness and turn it into a strength is the first step to improving. With martial arts, fitness, and nutrition, moving closer toward your goals is vital to progress, and by attacking a weakness rather than shying away from it, you’re much more likely to become a great, well-rounded athlete.

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