Jiu-Jitsu is a fun, engaging activity for kids to get involved in. Not only does it get them off the couch and moving, but it’s also a great way to interact with other kids outside of school.

Here are some more of the practical benefits kids gain from Jiu-Jitsu:

1. Regular Physical Activity

Kids who participate in Jiu-Jitsu are more likely to meet the American Heart Association’s physical activity guidelines. The AHA recommends that kids over age two get in at least 60 minutes of fun, moderate-intensity physical activity every day.

2. Increased Strength

Jiu-Jitsu is a simple and effective way for kids to build strength. It’s a full-body, age-appropriate sport where kids use their own bodyweight to build full-body, functional strength.

3. Stronger Bones

By participating in weight-bearing activities, such as martial arts, kids are more likely to develop strong, healthy bones. The healthy, strong bones we create as kids translate into stronger bones in adulthood.


4. Improved Flexibility

In addition to improving physical skills, like strength Jiu-Jitsu also promotes improved flexibility. More flexibility translates into better, more efficient movements and a reduced risk for injury.

5. Control and Coordination

Jiu-Jitsu is as much of an activity for your brain as it is for your body. One of the ways kids train their brain is through body control and coordination.

6. Mental Skills

Some of the mental skills that kids practice through martial arts include critical thinking, self-discipline, focus, and self-control. These are essential skills that kids can then apply to other areas of their lives.

7. Self-Discipline

Martial arts training leads to improved self-discipline. Even when kids are practicing in a group, each individual child is responsible for their own actions. To improve their Jiu-Jitsu skills, kids must have the discipline and commitment to hard work, as well as the patience and persistence for their effort to pay off.

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