A man stretches with one foot lunging forward to improve mobility Mobility and flexibility play critical roles in injury prevention, efficiency of movements, joint health, and much more. No matter your martial arts goals, taking a few minutes throughout the week to do some mobility exercises can have a positive impact on your training.

Here are a few reasons why mobility training is so important:

1. Decreased Injury Risk

An injury can be one of the most frustrating reasons to deal with. It can mean that you have to sit out of your training sessions or modify your regular schedule. However, prioritizing mobility exercises and taking the time to do them multiple times throughout the week can decrease your injury risk. In addition, ensuring that your muscles and joints are moving well together can help prevent future pain or injury.

2. More Efficiency

When your mobility is limited, so is your range of motion. Which means your body isn’t able to move as well as it could. For example, if your hips are tight, your martial arts technique can be limited by your lack of mobility. As a result, you might be competing at a deficit. Not because of your skills but because of your body’s movement limitations. With a full range of motion, your movements will be more impactful, ultimately producing better results on the mat.

3. Healthy Joints

Mobility work promotes healthy joints. To make sure that you’re getting in some mobility training, a good time to include these exercises in your practice is as part of your warm-up. Before a class or training session, mobility exercises warm up your joints, so you’re adequately prepared for what you’re about to go through. Warming up increases blood circulation to your joints, where fluid creates smooth, gliding movements.

Mobility exercises should be a part of your workout to prevent injury, keep joints healthy, and help you become more efficient in your movements. Though it can be challenging to devote the time to these exercises, know that the impact can benefit your martial arts training and goals.

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