Ways-a-Martial-Arts-Practice-Can-Relieve-Stress-Team-Rhino-Gracie-Jiu-JitsuYour body’s response to stress affects you physically and mentally. Sometimes stress can be a good thing, but more often than not, it winds up hurting your health and well-being.

So how do we find relief? Stress relief can come from a variety of outlets, and one of those outlets is a consistent martial arts practice.

Here are a few ways that a martial arts practice can help relieve stress in your life:

1. Physical Activity

Physical activity, including martial arts, is one of the most productive ways to deal with stress. Exercise and movement set off chemical reactions that elevate your mood and provide relief from stress. At the same time, a daily workout where you raise your heart rate typically leads to a good night’s sleep. And the more sleep you get, the better your body deals with stress.

2. Mental Skills Practice

Martial arts is just as much of a workout for the mind as it is for the body. Through training, you develop and strengthen mental skills, including patience, focus, and self-discipline. These same skills also help us deal with stress. If you can stay calm, focused, and in control of your mind and body, you will have a better chance of getting some stress relief in your daily life.

3. Demonstrated Respect

One of the most common core values inherent in almost every martial arts style is respect. Students are expected to respect their instructors, fellow students, and themselves. Understanding what demonstrating respect looks like on the mat can then carry over into your everyday life, including your relationships. Staying respectful in the midst of a stressful relationship or confrontation can offer some relief.

4. Enjoy Yourself

Sometimes the thing that might help the most after a stressful day is to do something fun. We always want you to show up to class ready to work hard and improve your skills. But we also want you to enjoy your time spent training. Martial arts should be fun! Remember that it’s possible to work hard and achieve success while smiling and having fun with your fellow students.

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