Jiu-Jitsu-Teaches-Self-Control-Team-Rhino-Gracie-Jiu-JitsuSelf-control is one of the hardest skills to master for just about everyone. We all seem to have at least one thing in our lives that is just a little too much for us to manage. For some people, it’s indulgence in a substance. For other people, it’s an unhealthy relationship with food. Some people have a hard time staying away from the gym for even a day to recover. Jiu-Jitsu training can teach you the mindset that while you may not be in control of your circumstances, you are completely in control of how you respond to them.

Here are three ways Jiu-Jitsu teaches self-control:

Focus and Assess

Being able to focus on the mat is the only way to victory. Focus is simply bringing the mind to the present moment and acting accordingly. Self-control in the form of mental stability and presence is repeated over and over with each new technique you learn and opponent you face. This repetition creates a habit of self-control.

Overcome Instead of Overpower

Understanding just the right amount of force it takes to win is another aspect of Jiu-Jitsu that cultivates self-control. Sometimes an opponent is much easier to defeat than expected. Having the control to overcome your opponent without completely overpowering or devastating them is the honorable way of Jiu-Jitsu. Self-control is necessary if you want to win the right way.

Learn to Flip the Switch

Ultimate self-control can be seen when watching professional Jiu-Jitsu competitors. When the match begins, there is a flurry of activity. Each performed with full intensity and force. When the match is over, the competitors bow and honor the effort of their rival. Being able to flip the switch between passive and aggressive in the blink of an eye is a skill that takes more practice than most striking and grappling techniques. It is the type of self-control that allows you to be your best in any situation. Knowing how to control your passive or aggressive tendencies is a skill that will guide you successfully through many situations.

Self-control is self-improvement. Team Rhino Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Meridian can show you how to develop self-control and be your best in any circumstance. Join us and become the best version of yourself through expert training and guidance. Contact us today and get started now.