Become-More-Resilient-Through-Jiu-Jitsu-Team-Rhino-Gracie-Jiu-JitsuWhat does it mean to be resilient? Resilience is your ability to cope with obstacles. Rather than facing a challenge and backing down from it, you’re more likely to bounce back.

There are many ways you can develop resilience, including through your martial arts training. Here are three ways to become more resilient through Jiu-Jitsu:

1. Physical Fitness

Your Jiu-Jitsu training leads to improvements in your physical fitness. You increase endurance, strength, power, speed, flexibility, and agility. These improvements to your physical health and fitness also keep your brain strong and fit as well. The stronger and healthier you are, both physically and mentally, the more likely you are to bounce back from stress and obstacles.

2. Learning and Mistakes

When you’re in the process of learning a new skill, mistakes are an inevitable part of the process. When you make a mistake or struggle with learning a new Jiu-Jitsu technique, how do you respond? The more resilient you are, the more likely you will focus on what your failures have taught you and what you can do differently the next time. Resiliency increases the chances you’ll treat any mistake as a learning opportunity and help you grow as an athlete.

3. Short-Term Objectives

Your Jiu-Jitsu goals may take years to achieve. Whenever you’re working toward a long-term goal, it’s helpful to find a way to stay motivated and committed to your training. Without setting and achieving these small goals, it can feel like you’re not making any progress. You might be tempted to give up on your training altogether. Achieving your mini-goals provides a sense of success and motivates you to keep going. Setting short-term objectives for long-term goals helps you be patient and develop resiliency.

Jiu-Jitsu builds resilient individuals who are always willing to continue learning. Are you interested in getting started with Jiu-Jitsu? Contact us at Team Rhino Gracie Jiu-Jitsu to learn more.