The-Importance-of-Rest-in-Your-Training-Team-Rhino-Gracie-Jiu-JitsuSo you’ve just started your martial arts training, and you’re wildly excited to get out on the mat every day and train. Before you exhaust yourself in your training, take a moment to think about the benefits of rest and how important it is to your body.

Often, students who are new to a martial arts program or workout routine start out so motivated and eager to push themselves that they forget how important rest can be for the body. While that sort of motivation is great, it’s also important to remember to take proper rest days and get adequate sleep in order to prevent exhaustion or injury.

What does rest do?

When we rest properly, it gives our bodies time to recharge and prepare for the next challenge. The ideal form of rest is sleep, but even taking a day off from your training can give your body a good amount of time to catch up and repair itself before your next class. Muscles rebuild, your willpower restores itself, and your energy levels rise after a day off.

Don’t push yourself.

If you aren’t resting properly, you’re putting yourself in danger of injury. Your muscles become tight and overused, meaning they aren’t performing in a way that lends itself to peak performance. Your willpower is also depleted, meaning you may find yourself giving up for days in a row, rather than just taking a day here or there to rest.

Feel it out.

Though there’s no perfect method for days off or the amount of rest each person needs, listen to your body and you should be good. If you’re feeling overexerted or weak, that’s a sign that you need a day to recuperate and recharge. If you’re having trouble working up the desire to attend class, your willpower may be failing you. Listen to your body and feel out the situation to determine when you may need a break.

Every workout plan or training schedule needs built-in rest time, and martial arts is no exception. Take the time you need, rest up, and you’ll be able to put it all out there every time you step onto the mat.

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