Bullyproof Your Child With BJJ

Bullyproof Your Child With BJJ - Team Rhino Gracie Jiu-JitsuAt Team Rhino Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, we strive to help the kids in our program become courageous, inspired leaders as they grow up. With that comes an air of confidence that helps our kids to become “bullyproof”, meaning they exude an attitude that they cannot be messed with on the playground or after school.

What is it about BJJ specifically that helps with this level of confidence? That answer comes in a variety of forms:

They Have a Sense of Discipline

When a child is well-disciplined and can behave themselves, it ensures that in the event that a bully is taunting or teasing, they will remain calm and ensure that they do not aggravate the situation further.

They Learn About Respect

When a child knows how to respect others, as well as themselves, they understand that everyone should be treated fairly and equally. In this sense, they’re unlikely to take any sort of disrespect from others and are therefore less likely to be bullied.

They Can Defend Themselves if Needed

In the event that a situation escalates, they know how to defend themselves against a bully. After exhibiting the skills needed to defend themselves in a heated situation, they are less likely to ever be picked on again.

They Become More Social

Though it’s an unfortunate fact, bullies tend to pick on kids who do not have many friends. When your kid learns BJJ in a school like ours, they inevitably make friends in the class and become more social, leading to fewer instances that a bully might select them as a target.

With these things in mind, it’s easy to see how a BJJ program can help kids prevent bullying. Contact us today to find out more about enrolling your child into a program at Team Rhino Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

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