5 Reasons To Start Your Child in BJJ Early | Team Rhino Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Development in kids starts early, which is why it’s important to enroll them in programs that benefit their growth and instill good values. BJJ is a martial arts program that creates a fun environment for kids to learn and develop, and getting your kids started early can benefit them in a variety of ways:

1. They meet lifelong friends. Just like in school, kids who enroll in BJJ meet a bunch of other kids who come from all different backgrounds. This exposure develops into advanced social skills that allow them to express themselves throughout their childhood and teenage years.

2. They learn concentration and focus. It’s never too early to start preparing your children for school and the real world. BJJ teaches concentration and focus that directly apply to the classroom and work environments, giving your kid the edge in any setting.

3. They know how to solve problems. Though the teachings of BJJ may not apply to every single situation that arises, kids at least learn the ability to problem-solve when necessary. Martial arts are excellent for presenting a physical problem and helping kids work their way around it.

4. They learn the value of physical exercise. With technology, it’s easy to allow our kids time in front of the TV or a video game, instilling poor sedentary habits and laziness. BJJ allows kids to explore physical exercise, see how much fun it can be, and continue this tradition throughout their whole lives.

5. They have fun! As kids learn concentration, instill good exercise habits, and solve problems, they’re also having a good time! As much as martial arts is a lesson in physicality, it’s also just a fun experience. Especially once your kids make friends in class, they’re certain to be excited to go back to class week after week.

At Team Rhino, we start kids in BJJ programs as early as four years old and continue with them into adulthood. If you’d like to find out more about signing your child up for BJJ with us, contact us to find out more about our offers!